Business Loans

When your business needs a loan, whether itís a large amount to be used on a multi-million dollar expansion project or a small loan intended to cover short-term expenses, Bank First is your first choice.

A part of the community since 1894, we employ experts who can design the perfect loan for you. Your business is unique and our staff recognizes that. Bank First has a wide selection of commercial loans from which to choose, giving your business the best chance to succeed.

Working Capital Lines of Credit

Disruptions in cash flow are inevitable in business. Our staff of specialists and experts understand the ebb and flow of local businesses. A Bank First line of credit can help you minimize the impact of timing differences. Our revolving lines of credit are designed to allow your business to keep operating smoothly.

Equipment Loans

Bank First offers equipment loans with competitive rates. You can trust us to serve your financial needs from the first new piece of equipment to the final component in your expansion plan. Our loans allow you to purchase whatever equipment you need whenever you need it.

Loans for Business Expansion

Bank First is part of the community. We want to see every business succeed and we want to be there by your side. With that in mind, we offer a variety of long and short term options for financing the expansion of your business.

Real Estate Loans

From property acquisition to breaking ground on your own facility, Bank First experts will structure a real estate loan that will allow you to develop your business in the best way possible. All of our loan decisions are made locally, so you can feel confident that our staff truly understands your situation.

Construction / Development Loans

Buying a choice piece of property or constructing a building takes capital. Bank First manages the entrepreneurís financial concerns by providing construction lines of credit for residential and commercial development.

SBA Loans

Small businesses are the backbone of any community. Bank First will be there to help your small business succeed. We offer a wide variety of SBA loans with flexible repayment terms.

Farm / Crop / Livestock Loans

Bank First has been active in the agricultural and livestock loan sector since 1984. Developing long lasting relationships with our local farmers is important to us. Short, intermediate, and long-term financing is available at both variable and fixed rates of interest.

Personal Financial Statement forms are available in two different formats:
Personal Financial Statement (Excel)   |   Personal Financial Statement (PDF)